Township of Tobyhanna - A Fiscally Sound, Progressive Community

Guided by a professional financial management team, Tobyhanna Township operates with an overall combined annual operating and investment management budget in excess of $9 million. In 2017, Township officials were proud to become debt free. While eliminating its debt, Tobyhanna Township continues to support a solid fiscal structure in providing a superior level of services to residents, property owners, and visitors alike.

As a proud member of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department, Tobyhanna Township funds nearly $2 million annually toward the operation of this Fully Accredited Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Agency. In addition, the township has a pension program that is approximately 130% funded. Over $1.5 million annually is allocated to maintain over 52 miles of municipal-owned roadways throughout the township villages. Additionally, Tobyhanna Township provides nearly $300,000 annually for Fire and Emergency Medical Services as a Pocono Plateau municipality. Tobyhanna Township continues to put forth fiscally responsible and forward looking annual balanced budgets.

A detailed copy of the budget may be viewed at the township offices.

Property Taxes - Millage

Property taxes are the primary source of revenue for Tobyhanna Township. The millage rate represents the tax dollars collected per every $1,000 of assessed value. Tobyhanna Township has a current rate of 1.846 mills. Thus, property owners pay $1.846 per every $1,000 of their assessed value. A fire equipment and apparatus fund has been established to provide for purchase of related articles. The source of revenue of this fund is .091 of the 1.846 millage rate. In addition to this fund, a tax levy of .094 mills was added for the purpose of generating revenue for Clymer Library. This levy was added after voters approved a 1994 referendum.

In addition to property taxes, the Township also collects a 1% Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax in the amount of Fifty-Two Dollars ($52.00). Other sources of revenue include permit fees, fines, intergovernmental transfers, interest and retained earnings from prior years.

Determining Your Property Taxes

County - 3.2273 mills
Municipal - 1.846 mills
Library - .094 mills
School - 19.905 mills

For the CML tax bill (sent in March), multiply your property's assessed value by .0051673. In an example with a house assessed at $140,000:

$140,000 * .0051673 = $723.42 in CML taxes

If you are unsure of your property's assessed value, the following link leads to Monroe County's Property Reassessment Search. Search for a property, then click the "Values" tab on the left column.

Tax Collector Information

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Board of Supervisors recognizes the hardship placed on many of its residents and property owners due to the current state of emergency, so they extended the discount rate for real property taxes until August 31, 2020, and will delay the imposition of fees and penalties associated with late payment of the real property tax until December 31, 2020 provided full payment of the real property tax is made by December 31, 2020.

View Resolution 2020-007 Here

Linda Woehrle is the official Tax Collector for Tobyhanna Township. Her office is separate from the Government Center, and is located at:

Linda L. Woehrle
136 Old Dairy Lane
PO Box E
Pocono Pines, PA 18350
Phone: (570) 646-2642
Fax: (570) 643-8822
School: Pocono Mountain School District

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