Road and Park Management

Maintenance of the roads consist of plowing snow and applying materials in the winter, patch potholes; erect street signs, painting of lines on the roadways, weed control, remove trees and debris from the roads after storms, litter control on the roadways. Tobyhanna Township is responsible for 52 miles of township roads.

Maintenance of the parks consist of cutting grass, trimming of the trees, maintaining flowers, cleaning pavilions and litter control. Building maintenance consists of general maintenance, cleaning and grass cutting around Township owned buildings. Personnel are responsible for maintaining Township vehicles and equipment. Employees are responsible for maintaining easements and township “right-of-ways.”

As you can see there are various duties for which the employees are responsible. It is the goal of Tobyhanna Township, Monroe County to provide a quick, efficient, proactive approach for service to the Township residents and businesses by the Public Works Department. It is important to remember that services are provided by a limited number of employees and any requests of service will be addressed and assigned by priority.

Tobyhanna Township encourages any suggestions and/or information to make the Township a better place to live and work. Please call the Township building with any suggestions.

Roadway Improvement Plans: