There are two simple ways to report your concern:

  • Call our office at 570-646-1212.
  • Email

After a concern is reported, township staff will investigate and take appropriate measures. Thank you.

Tyler Technologies has received many questions regarding the reassessment, and were kind enough to put together a list of their FAQs. If you have any other questions, please contact them at (570) 517-3895. Reassessment FAQs
That is correct. Tobyhanna, PA is part of Coolbaugh Township, which can be reached at 570-894-8490. Tobyhanna Township was incorporated in 1830, and is named after Tobyhanna Creek.
Yes, and depending on the project you may also need a Building Permit from Bureau Veritas.
Yes, and depending on the deck's height and/or location, you may also need a Building Permit as well. As for porches or main entry decks, you always need both a Zoning and a Building Permit as well as a Razing Permit for the removal.
No. You need a Zoning Permit for all sheds no matter the size. If the shed is 200 sq. ft. or larger, you also need a Building Permit.
No, but you do need a Building Permit.
Heidi A. Pickard is the Tax Collector for Tobyhanna Township. She can be reached by phone at (570) 355-5899, or by email a . Her address is 441 Old Route 940 Suite 102 in Pocono Pines Pa 18350. The Hours are Tuesday 9:00AM - 12:00PM and Thursday 3:00PM - 5:00PM or by appointment.

Yes, as long as you are a resident OR know a resident that is willing to sign the paperwork on your behalf. The lodge is available from the first weekend in May to the first weekend in October. The paperwork you need to hand in can read here.

Reservations open March 1st of each year and are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Weddings are the only exception to this rule. If you have questions about date availability, please don't hesitate to call us at 570-646-1212 ext. 0.

A homeowner association (HOA), is a body that governs a community. They can impose dues that cover maintenance, amenities, security, and other fees associated with the community.
You may require permits from Tobyhanna Township and/or Bureau Veritas. Contact the township at 570-646-1212 and Bureau Veritas at 570-894-2801.
Check with your HOA first, but regulations concerning fences can be found here.
No, the Township Zoning Laws overrule community rules. Your development/community can be more restrictive than the township, but not less.

For an overall view of all of the upcoming meetings, check out our calendar.

If you prefer to search for a specific board or commission, check out "Boards and Commissions" under our "Departments" tab.

There are two easy ways to do this. You can attend one of the Board of Supervisors public meetings (you can read the schedule here), or send a letter to “Attn: Board of Supervisors, 105 Government Center Way, Pocono Pines, PA 18350.” If this is a private matter, please mark the envelope “Confidential.” This ensures our staff doesn't accidentally open something.

1. You can read the form online here. If you would prefer a hard copy, please feel free to stop by our Government Center or give us a call at 570-646-1212 and we can email you.

2. You need a permit because the majority of emergency alarms our emergency personnel respond to are false. Charging a nominal fee for the permit helps mitigate an unnecessary waste of public revenue. This is a one-time fee per owner: you are not charged annually.

3. For further information, please refer to our Municipal Code, Section 49.

A Tax Map ID number, also called Parcel Number, is what our township uses to identify properties. Every property, whether it has an address or not, has a Tax Map ID Number. To find yours, you can call us or go to and search using the parameters provided. Any property in Tobyhanna Township starts with “19.”

1. State Roads in the township include SR 940, SR 115, SR 423, SR 314, Locust Ridge Rd., Long Pond Rd., and Sullivan Trail. If maintenance is required on one of these roads, contact PennDOT at 570-424-3024.

2.If your road is on this list, it is a public road owned by Tobyhanna Township. Contact the township at 570-646-1212.

3.If your road does not appear on the list on point 2, it is a private road. Contact your homeowner association for any maintenance concerns.

Tobyhanna Township does not require plots to be surveyed before sale. If you call us, we can check our records to see if we have a survey of your residence. If we don’t, we do have a program that can show us the plot plan of your property, though they are not exact.

Tobyhanna Township was surveyed in the 1950’s, and the surveyors used wooden or rebar stakes to mark property lines. If you can find these stakes, you’ve found the corners of your property.

If none of the above options are viable, contacting a surveyor is another option, but it will be at your expense. Tobyhanna Township is not responsible for any costs associated with contacting a surveyor.

Contact the company that picks up your recycling, or purchase them from your local hardware store. The township no longer provides recycle bins.