Video Transcription:

Welcome to the Tour Through History of Tobyhanna Township, located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. The rich history of our region comes alive through the historical markers of Tobyhanna Township, located along the scenic roads of our Pocono community. Tobyhanna Township is 100 miles from the metropolitan areas of New York City and Philadelphia.

Situated within beautiful Monroe County, the communities of Tobyhanna Township – Blakeslee, Pocono Lake, Pocono Pines, and Pocono Summit – are easily accessed from interstates 80 and 380 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Interstate 476. Our trail through history shares the significance of this Pocono community. During your tour, scan each marker ID for more of each story. Throughout your tour, enjoy the alluring vistas of the Poconos.

Learn about the area’s ice harvesting industry. See where the Continental Army built the first road over the Pocono Plateau in 1779, including the site of General Sullivan’s bridge. Meet the people responsible for building the community of Tobyhanna Township:

  • Isaac Stauffer, early entrepreneur, the “King of the Poconos”
  • George Wagner, conservationist, forester, and community planner
  • Jacob Blakeslee Jr., businessman and farmer

Learn how the early resorts made the Poconos famous as America’s playground, supported by the early growth of transportation. As the area grew, so did the needs of the community. Local efforts prevailed, establishing churches, schools, railroads, streets and highways, the fire company, and the local library. Learn how the fabric of our community began with its incorporation in 1830, the building of our first school, and our first churches, and the leaders whose influence lives with us today.

Visit the Revolutionary War memorial of Hungry Hill, honoring the army road builders of Sullivan’s Expedition, and pay your respects at the grave of the unknown soldier. Along this free trail of our history, stop and enjoy our parks and natural areas that feature the beauty of the Pocono streams, lakes, forests, and fresh air. These resources have made this a popular region to play, relax, and live in the four seasons of the Pocono Mountains.