Tobyhanna Township Doubles after-the-fact Permit Costs

Tobyhanna Township –  Skirting the permitting process for zoning and building– intentionally or unintentionally – just got more expensive in Tobyhanna Township.

The Board of Supervisors at their April 3, 2018 regular business meeting, approved Resolution 2018-015, doubling all zoning and building permit fees for “after-the-fact” permits.

We are ensuring fairness to those property owners who lawfully obtain permits. Those who intentionally or unintentionally fail to obtain a permit, will now face a doubling of the fees for an after-the-fact permit,” stated Barbara Nichols, Tobyhanna Township Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer.

The permitting process ensures all projects comply with the Uniform Construction Code, Pennsylvania’s statewide building code, which is designed to protect human health, safety, welfare, and quality of life.

“Code enforcement is paramount to ensure properties undergoing renovations or additions are built to Pennsylvania’s safety standards. Proper construction standards are important to life safety,” Officer Nichols concluded.

In addition to safety and structural concerns, financial institutions often require Certificates of Occupancy or Compliance. If a work permit is not issued and an after-the-fact permit is sought, property owners may be required to open walls, and work may have to be removed and replaced at the owner’s expense.

If a property owner is not certain if they need a permit, they should contact the Tobyhanna Township Government Center at 570-646-1212.